Hello... We hope you are having a GOOD day! 

GOOD KOFFEE Drinks are made in London in what we like to call our ‘nano-brewery’. That's pretty small. Yet small doesn't mean we don't stand for something. Here at GOOD KOFFEE, we have been passionate our whole lives about, interesting, great tasting & health-promoting food and drink. When we discovered kombucha, a charming fermented beverage on a visit to New York in 2010, we fell in love... with the city, and of course this enigmatic elixir...  And we've been drinking it ever since, enjoying its satisfying, reviving and complex qualities. 

In the UK, we have excitedly been observing kombucha's rise in popularity. Loved as much for the beneficial and probiotic properties as it is for its diverse flavour profiles. And before you say 'Kom-What-You-Going-On-About', it's just another health fad. Consider the fact that this wondrous beverage was first being sipped by the Chinese way back in 221 BC... A long, long, long time ago. 

So having been 'Kombucha Stalkers' for too long, drinking all we could find, we felt it was time to cross a threshold and start producing our own brew. So as we slowly fermented into 2018... GOOD KOFFEE was born.

Our mission at GOOD is to mix it up, blending our artistry with the time-honoured brewing tradition to produce new, exciting, natural and great tasting GOOD drinks.

GOOD KOFFEE, it's all in the name... What drives us, is to do our best. Be GOOD people, with GOOD intentions hoping that our GOOD drinks bring a smile to the mouth, happiness to the heart, and glory to the gut.

GOOD KOFFEE... “We like to do GOOD.”