the GOOD KOFFEE 50/50 Tee

the GOOD KOFFEE 50/50 Tee


The GOOD KOFFEE 50/50 tee donates at least 50% profit towards Creative One Days - The “Health? Mental!” Project.

GOOD KOFFEE isn’t just about exciting, healthy adventurous drinks… We started out on a mission… to do some GOOD.

We love being creative and are advocates in the process of ‘doing’. It can grow confidence, build self esteem and has the powers to improve our wellbeing. We aim to run creative sessions that will allow anyone to spend valuable time ‘doing NOT thinking’. All of our 50/50 tees will donate at least half of every sale into our #theHealthMentalProject pot. These funds will be used to enable these sessions in the future,

By supporting GOOD KOFFEE you can do some GOOD. #We like to do GOOD

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