GOOD Kombucha is a nano-batch brewed fermented drink with either black tea, green tea or coffee. We use only organic and natural ingredients to create satisfying, reviving drinks with complex qualities. It is raw, alive and kicking!

S.c.o.b.y. Dooo’s

The S.C.O.B.Y. does many amazing things for our GOOD Kombucha and is at the heart of all our brews. It’s more scientific name is the Symbiotic Culture Of Bactria & Yeast, although peering back into it’s long elusive history it has many more a romantic name like the 'Elixir of Long Life', or our favourite, the 'Water Treasure'. Some people think it looks a little odd, but we find it really rather endearing. This Mother culture can only be obtained from a previous batch of brewed kombucha and so our very own 'Water Treasure' may have a long past, reaching far back into its Chinese origins.

Why is it so good?

All our GOOD Kombucha Drinks benefit from the process of fermentation. Fermentation may seem magical, yet it's just the hard work of billions of tiny GOOD bacteria making our GOOD Kombucha better for you. Placed inside a jar of sweet tea or coffee, our S.C.O.B.Y. thrives enhancing our brew producing vitamins, polyphenols, anti-oxidants and beneficial acids like glucuronic acid, a powerful detoxifier. 

Now more than ever science is turning its attention to the importance of gut health and our microbiome (that's the collective of individual bacteria at home inside us) and the role it plays in many of our most important internal interactions. As science continues to catch up with thousands of years of "gut instinct" and tradition, fermented foods may regain their rightful place as the incredibly important nutritional tools they always have been.   

So, tell me about the sugar.

What goes in, is not what comes out... GOOD Kombucha Drinks are very low in sugar. We only use organic sugar and it is fundamental to the process of feeding our S.C.O.B.Y. As the sugar is processed by our little 'Water Treasure' the sugar contents lower and lots of beneficial nutrients are released to help create our GOOD Kombucha. We champion intelligent consumption and the understanding that not all things are created equal. 

..And the Kaffeine?

Similar to the organic sugar, our S.C.O.B.Y. loves to feed off of the kaffeine in the tea or koffee, using it for its own energy. Metabolising these and leaving a far lower presence in our final GOOD Kombucha Drinks. And interestingly we add Kardomom to some of our GOOD Kombucha Drinks which is known to further reduce the affects of kaffeine. Who knew?