Our GOOD KOFFEE is produced in small quantities, entirely hand made and bottled usually over a period of 10 days at what we like to call our ‘nano-brewery’ in Woolwich, SE18. It’s raw, unfiltered and ready-to-drink…

At its heart, our GOOD KOFFEE is very simple with only a handful of natural ingredients to its name. Water, organic coffee, organic tea, organic sugar and a GOOD S.C.O.B.Y... "A what!?" (Check out our FAQ section to discover all about this treasure and more.)  

GOOD KOFFEE is most definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Importantly, this is a low-sugar, raw, unfiltered and fermented living brew with sweet and tart notes. Packed with naturally occurring probiotics, antioxidants and beneficial acids that can be readily absorbed by the body and are thought to aid digestion, increase energy and help detoxify the liver“Coffee with superpowers.”

We are hugely excited to be, we believe, the very first to produce a branded coffee kombucha in the UK. Introducing both our GOOD KOFFEE Espresso Kombucha and GOOD KOFFEE Kardamom Kombucha for you. As long time lovers of discovering functional food and drinks, we're out to challenge the status quo to offer interesting healthy drinks to enjoy instead of the usual soft drinks or fruit juices. Or as an alternative when you are having a knees up, but don't want the sore head in the morning! 

We are excited about bringing you more drinks as we grow and spread our fermenting wings... We really see this as the start of a long & brew-tiful relationship. ;-)

Chris. Founder.